Melissa in Tallinn

Melissa was in Tallin this year, and she shares her experience!

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“At the start it was very difficult. English is not a language very used by Estonians!

Melissa decided to pursue her school career in Tallinn, the Estonia’s capital. She’s satisfied of this technological university, even if at the start it was very complicated. Few people talk English, rather Estonian and Russian. As she doesn’t know those two languages, it was hard for her to communicate with the Estonians. But she finally learned some basic Estonian words and then it was easier for her.

Tallinn University

  • More than 10,000 students
  • 500 foreign students
  • 450 researchers and teaching staff

To find a place to live, it’s by Facebook that everything had started. Melissa made an announcement on the group called “Erasmus Tallinn Accommodation”. After, Melissa had sympathized with an Italian student and they found together a youth hostel, where 15 students lived. Even thought there had some troubles with the owner, living with 15 students was like a family.

Recommended places

The Town Hall of the city, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the St Olav Church, the Viru Gate and Street, the Liberty Square... and much more!

At school,TTU (Tallinn Tekniska Universitat) the things are going well. Having less students than in France, professors are more present for the students. The Erasmus students are well treated and the administration, not as in France, works pretty quickly. The professors are very careful about what the students think and what the students want. The way to teach is very different but for Melissa, that is something just positive.

The town of Tallinn is not so big but there is so many places to visit. It looks like a medieval town, so that is something different from our city of Bordeaux!

To finish with an anecdote, Melissa was so surprised that the Estonian men buy so much flower to women as this is not an usual tradition in France! 

Tallinn is not a big town, but there are lot of places to visit

To conclude with this testimony, the Estonian experience lived by Melissa is something great. So, why don't you?  

Updated on 19/06/2015

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