Caroline in Germany

This year, Caroline was in Germany at the Zeppelin University. This is her story!

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Zeppelin University is a wonderful place

Caroline is really in love with this University. To begin with, it was complicated at the start because she shared her room on the campus with five people and the conditions was not the best. After that, the second semester was better. She found a room on the Facebook group “Zimmer Frei” where she lives with other students. It’s so nice that she decided to stay two years more!

Zeppelin University

  • 1184 enrolled students
  • 52 professors
  • 285 scholars, lecturers and managers

Concerning the class, the University is perfect. There are classes given to small groups, the professors are closed from you and the infrastructures are amazing.
Everything is done to make the living comfortable for the students. The university is open 24 hours 7 days, then they can go there during the night. The University is near to the Lake Constance. Then, there is a beach where they can go bathing from May.

Recommended places

Lake Constance, Zeppelin Museum, Dornier Museum, Salem Cathedral, Notre-Dame Church, Schulmuseum… and much more!

We can do sports for free: football, cheerleaders, freesbie…

For the events, Caroline was not disappointed. Indeed, there are constantly events for student that are organized, so the place is full of life. It’s often organized by Student Lounge of the Uni. For free, it's possible to practicate sports like football, cheerleaders, freesbie etc...
The German culture is really different. For exemple, do you want to come with your dog in class? It's possible, the only condition is that it stays calm and doesn't disturb the class!

You can come with your dog in class!

To conclude, for Caroline, it’s not a problem coming in Germany if you don’t speak well German at the beginning because mostly of the German speak English. So don’t be afraid and follow her in Germany!

Updated on 19/06/2015

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